Rohtas Mahila College, Sasaram
Rohtas Mahila College, Sasaram
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Rohtas Mahila College, Sasaram

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We are committed to see our college among the best on the educational map of Bihar. In order to achieve our goal we are working round the clock to see that the problems of the students are redressed on all costs which is within an reach. Read More

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Extended Profile Deviations Documents web Link
Matric No. Descriptions of the Matric Web Link
1.1 Number of courses offered by the institution across all programs during the last five years
2.1 Last five years student enrolled data in excel sheet as per SSR
2.2 Government Letter for sanctioned seat for reserved category
2.3 Last five years final year student data in excel as per SSR.
3.1 Provide total teachers (Permanent/Temporary) list of last five years as per SSR
3.2 Provide total permanent teachers list of last five years as per SSR.
3.3 Teachers Sanctioned Post Letters.
3.5 Number of full time teachers worked in the institution during the last five year.
4.1 Pictures of Classrooms and Seminar Halls.
4.2 Last five years Audited Report.
4.3 Pictures of Computer Lab.
Metric Deviations Documents web Link ( DVV )
Matric No. Descriptions of the Matric Web Link
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1.1.2 Proof for certificate and diploma programs introduced.
1.1.3 Provide nomination letter of such boards or participation certificate or report of teachers participating in various bodies of the Institution. OR any other supporting documents for participation of full time teachers in various bodies of the Universities/ Autonomous Colleges/ Other Colleges, such as BoS and Academic Council during the last five years
1.2.3 Admission report of students enrolled in subject related Certificate/ Diploma programs/Add-on programs as against the total number of students during the last five years
1.4.1 Provide the link to website/report of Structured feedback on curriculum obtained from 1) Students 2) Teachers 3) Employers 4) Alumni 5) Parents For design and review of syllabus 2016-17 and 2014-15 or Stakeholders feedback analysis report or action taken report of the Institution on feedback report as minuted by Governing council.
1.4.2 Provide report/brochure of feedback collected and action taken by the institution or Stakeholders feedback analysis report or action taken report of the Institution on feedback report as minuted by Governing council.
2.1.1 Provide domicile certificate of students from other states of any 5 in 2016-17 and any 4 in 2014-15. OR Previous degree/Matriculation / HSC certificate of students from other States and Countries.
2.1.2 Provide admission publication notice for 2017 or provide website link for seat available or IQAC analysis report on demand ratio of programs that is duly placed in academic council.
2.1.3 Provide Copy of letter issued by state govt. Indicating the reserved categories to be considered as per the state rule (in English) OR Final admission list published by the HEI OR Admission extract submitted to the state OBC , SC and ST cell every year.
2.2.2 Provide the appointment letter of 3 UG and 2 PG teachers for 2016-17.
2.3.2 Provide photos/link of the institute website showcasing teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2016-17.
2.3.3 Supporting document provide by HEI does not match. Provide the minutes of the meetings between mentor and mentees for 2016-17 or copy of circular pertaining the details of mentor and their allotted mentee for 2016-17.
2.4.2 Provide list of full time teachers with Ph.D and Ph.D certificate of any 5 full time teachers.
2.4.3 Provide service records of DR. PRADEEP KUMAR ROY, DR. AMAN MURMU, MR. RAVI SHEKHAR SINGH, DR. S. K. JABEEN, DR. TAPTI MUKHERJEE for 2016-17.
2.4.4 Provide e-copy of award letter for achievement of Dr. V.L.B. Srivastava, Dr. Tapti Mukherjee.
2.4.5 Provide domicile certificate of MR. RAVI SHEKHAR SINGH.
2.6.3 Provide Annual report from examination section highlighting pass percentage of students OR any other supporting documents.
3.3.1 Provide link to the website of institution having stated Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research.
3.3.3 Provide web-link for research papers per teacher in the Journals notified UGC.
3.3.4 Provide e-copy of the first page of the book /chapter published for Adhunikikaran Evam Mahila Sashaktikaran, Psychological Motivation, creativity and Adjustment, Dictionary of Indology, Gramin Samaj Aur Sashaktikaran.
3.4.4 Provide copy of circular/brochure and report of event for Chain for Nashamukti, Cleaning near the College Campus, and Chain for AIDS Awareness.
3.5.1 Provide e-copies of linkage related documents indicating the start date and completion date of linkages.
3.5.2 Provide e-copies of the MoU?s with institution/ industry/ corporate house indicating the start date and completion date.
4.1.3 Provide photos or web link for classrooms and seminar halls with ICT facilities 2016-17.
4.1.4 Supporting document provide by HEI does not match. Provide CA certified extract of Audited statement for Budget allocation for infrastructure augmentation, excluding salary or consolidated fund allocation towards infrastructure augmentation facilities.
4.2.3 Provide subscription/membership letter for e-journals, e-ShodhSindhu, Shodhganga Membership, e-books Databases.
4.2.4 Provide CA certified extract of audited statement for purchase of books and journals OR proceedings of library committee meeting for allocation of fund and utilization of fund.
4.2.5 Provide the link of remote access to e-resources OR screenshot for Gateway used for remote access.
4.2.6 Supporting document provide by HEI does not match. Provide log book from 4 July 2016 to 8 July 2016.
4.3.2 Provide the photos of computer lab or stock register of computer for 2016-17 used for students only.
4.3.3 Provide Latest bills for leased line connection indicating plan and speed.
4.4.1 Provide extract of expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities duly certified by Charted accountant OR any other supporting documents.
5.1.1 Provide sanction letter of scholarship or institutional policy for freeship and number of beneficiaries or other supporting documents
5.1.3 Provide web-link to particular/program for REMEDIAL COACHING, COACHING CLASSES FOR ENTRY IN SERVICES.
5.1.4 Provide report/circular/brochure/report of students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations and career counseling offered by the institution.
5.1.6 Provide the minutes of student redressal committee, prevention on sexual harassment and anti ragging committee OR circular/web link/committee report justifying the objective.
5.2.1 Provide placement certificate of gram panchayat sasaram rohtas, ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, NAGAR PANCHAYAT MOHANIYA, CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA, DAV SASARAM, gram panchayat sasaram rohtas, KENDRIYA VIDYALYA or annual report of placement cell.
5.3.1 Certificate and pictures for Number of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities at national / international level (award for a team event should be counted as one) during the last five years.
5.3.3 Provide copy of circular/brochure/report of sports and cultural activities / competitions organised at the institution like Group Dance, Singing, Fock Dance, Classical, etc.
5.4.3 Provide report/circular of the Alumni Association /Chapters meeting held in 2016-17 or minutes of the meeting for 2016-17.
6.2.3 Provide ERP document, screenshot of user interfaces of each module or policy document or Annual e-governance report approved by Governing council.
6.3.3 Provide report of HRD or copy of circular/brochure/report of the same for professional development /administrative training programs organized by the institution for teaching and non teaching staff during the last five years
6.3.4 E-copy of the certificate of teachers attending professional development programmes viz., Orientation Programme, Refresher Course, Short Term Course, Faculty Development Programme during the last five years
6.5.3 Provide IQAC Meeting in 2016-17 we blink highlighting promoting quality initiatives or brochure/Circular/report/newsletter of the event.
6.5.4 Provide annual reports of IQAC Meetings in 2016-17.
7.1.1 Provide report of event/circular/brochure for "seminar on role of women in Indian Politics" and "women empowerment is nation empowerment."
7.1.3 Provide Geotagged photos of renewable energy sources OR Proof in support of energy sources (Invoice etc.) OR Green audit report.
7.1.4 Provide invoice or photos or green audit report or any other supporting document for Annual lighting power requirement met through LED bulbs (in KWH) or electricity bill.
7.1.8 Provide CA certified extract of audited report of expenditure on green initiatives and waste management excluding salary component or any other supporting document.
7.1.9 Provide Photos and videos OR Link to geotagged photos and videos OR Bills and invoice/purchase order/AMC in support of facility for Differently abled (Divyangjan) Friendliness Resources available in the institution
7.1.12 Provide University code of conduct for teachers or handbooks, manuals and brochures on human values and professional ethics or we blink to the relevant documents at institutional website.
7.1.13 Provide photos or we blink for core values in the institution website.
7.1.14 Provide photos for activities organised to increase consciousness about national identities and symbols; Fundamental Duties and Rights of Indian citizens and other constitutional.
7.1.15 Provide supporting document/we blink/photos/circular for courses offered by the institution on Human Values and professional ethics.
7.1.16 Provide link to professional code of prescribed/suggested by statutory bodies / regulatory authorities for different professions.
7.1.17 The data provided is only for 2016-17.Please resubmit data for last 5 years. Provide the web blink of the website or photos of activities like Swachchhata Abhiyan in College, Seminar on Liquor ban and its social impact, Seminar on Worlds AIDS Day, Programme on National Unity Day, and Programme on National Voters Day.
Rohtas Mahila College, Sasaram