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Marred by the poor results, the Government is holding remedial coaching classes for the students placed in the PA-R/Re-appear category in the results of the matriculation and senior secondary examinations. The Government has asked the parents or guardians of such students of Government schools to send their wards to their respective schools for remedial coaching classes.

These classes have been started exclusively for the benefit of their children as it has been observed that the students are not attending the classes regularly, said the Secondary Education Department spokesperson. He said that the results of the matriculation and senior secondary examination conducted by the Board of School Education, Haryana, showed that the performance of Government schools was far from satisfactory.

"This made the Government issue instructions that in all Government schools where the result in individual subject is less than 50 per cent, regular teachers will take extra remedial classes during the summer vacation. This measure has been taken to enable the PA-R/Re-appear category students to prepare for the supplementary exams," he said.

The department has deputed officers from the headquarters as well as from the field to inspect schools to ascertain whether the students are attending the classes regularly or not. Inspection will be carried out next week and if found that the attendance of students is less than 50 per cent in most schools, the department will be left with no other option but stop these classes which will ultimately hurt the interest of students, he added.

Weak students are identified during the internal tests and special coaching should be given to them. Students who fail or do not perform well in the internal tests are counseled individually.

  • To enhance the academic skills in different subjects and raise their level of comprehension.
  • To provide them stronger foundation for further study and reduce or stop drop-out rate of the students.
  • To motivate the student for their sincere curiosity in subject as well as in the study.
  • To motivate them for higher studies such that after a bright future they may.